On the hotfix change to Lucius Helbore charging

When having read the hotfix change did not yet understand what they changed as hadn’t felt any issues with the weapon, until finally returned to enjoy Lucius Helbore again today after break from it into the more complex dmr plasma gun.

Halfway through the first game already began to understand that I’m not failing intentionally cancelling my charged shots by going out of ADS (which I do a ton if target died first or lost line of sight) because I released fire button before I let go of ADS, but because THIS was the change they did.

What effectively changed was going out of ADS now does not cancel your shot anymore, but instead restarts a new one from zero charge. So if you now go out of ADS and let go of fire after, you will fire minimum charged shot anyways after brief delay. So gone are the days you can really quickly cancel your shot at will by returning to hip fire, now the only ways to actually cancel your shot (cancel, not restart), is to use special melee action while in hip-fire, reloading or quick swapping and going through that lovely cocking of that hammer animation.

Personally this returning from ADS to hip fire cancel was a major and incredibly fast way to control your fire when you lost line of sight to target, target died or none of priority targets were immediately available from current position due to obstacles or simply the engagement ended. It was a lovely way to be quickly ready to begin a new charge and recover mobility at moments notice which was a tool being used consistently through every mission.

How do people feel about this change? Personally I’m not a fan of this, perhaps due to being adjusted to what had before or because the alternatives are clunkier and slower or the new feature replacing the cancel is not something I will likely use as extensively.


I noticed this too. I’ve been switching weapons real quick to cancel. I’m personally not a fan of the weapon firing at ALL after a full charge duration. I would rather them just let us hold a charge and even put the weapon away with that charge.

Edit: And yeah, I realize switching weapons forces that god awful slow animation if you need to use the rifle again. This is more for if all the shooters are dead anyways. Having that ADS cancel was a much nicer solution at the very least.

Noticed this too. It seems to me that it’s just Obeseshark messing around and breaking stuff again without intention or any knowing they’ve just made the weapon more awful to use.