Ogryn's Charge does not give ANY weapon Attack Speed

Issue Description:
Ogryn Charge does not give ANY weapon (except knives I.E. Krourk and Bull Cleaver) attack speed at all. Light attacks AND heavy attacks for shield+mace, brute club, and the shovel etc do not get any AS bonus at all. The attack speed bug is actually very noticeable and heavily impacts his ability to clear some hordes, not being able to have the AS buff on heavy attacks for ANY weapon (including knives) is a huge hindrance. I’ve tried to bring this up to Hedge in the discord but it gets swept away by countless messages. I hope this gets through as it’s a very noticeable issue.

ALSO, the Bloodgore trait on Ogryn that applies 2 stacks of bleed doesn’t apply more than 1 stack, and it only does 1 dmg for 3 seconds so really just a 3 dmg dot. It’s useless atm.

Steps to Reproduce:
Charge, attack.


Player ID:

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)