Offensive words

So, this is more of a feedback thread for the forums than the actual game.

I appreciate the devs want to keep the forum clean of filth and useless arguments with ppl flinging dirt toward each other. However, I just encountered(and not for the first time) a problem where I couldnt post what I wrote, because my post contained forbidden words. Normally this is no problem for me in general, as I know I casually swear way too much than i probably should when I talk to friends. So no problem, read over it and replace any offensive words.

Now here is my real problem with this system. Not only does the forum not tell you which word is blacklisted, leaving you with sometimes an entire wall of text that youll have to proof read again over and over until youve rooted out all potentially problematic words but if your post is a bit longer, it also takes forever and you might aswell just stop yourself from posting since the forums do not highlight the words for you in any convenient manner either.

So heres my suggestion: Well, its 3 different ones actually.

  1. Get rid of this stuff for a game that by all accounts is probably pg16 or 18 with all of its gore and stuff anyway and get more moderators. The easy way for us but causes more work for FS.

  2. Make the forums tell us which words in our posts are blacklisted so that we can proof read our posts and remove them, without having to guess which words the forums actually have a problem with.

  3. Highlight any blacklisted words in the reply directly where it shows the preview of your post. This would probably be the most convenient and user friendly approach.

Alternatively a mix between 2 and 3 might be useful too.

Again, I am not arguing against blacklisting swearing and such. I am not arguing against the forum rules either. I simply ask to make the forums a bit more convenient for the ppl using them.

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