Noob Question - What does this symbol mean?

Please refrain from negative or insulting comments. This is a serious question as most games nowadays do not come with instructions like they used to where they had general information and icon descriptions

I cannot see out of my left eye and basically have no peripheral so having the heroes portraits on the left side of the screen is difficult for me to view. [I wish they were placed at the bottom of the screen instead like it was in the original game]

I do not know how long this weird green-faced symbol has been in the game but I just noticed it today while I was waiting around when a player was about to join my game.

Can anyone tell me what it means? I cannot figure it out as it does not appear all of the time but in the game showed up at the beginning of the match.

Screenshot below with the weird green-faced symbol circled and with arrows pointing to it.

It’s part of the Numeric UI mod, and means that that player has Natural Bond equipped on their Necklace. As in the live version, NB doesn’t allow self-heal with items, it’s quite a crucial piece of info.


Thank you! It has been bugging the crap out of me!