No reticle when ADS lasrifles

Works for me too, thanks. Maybe tweaking the other settings under mesh_streamer_settings could alleviate the performance hit caused by disabling it?

Sounds like this setting makes the game use low LOD meshes for, I’m guessing, far away geometry, and transition to the normal mesh when getting closer. Disabling it does indeed cause performance issues since, again, guessing, the game keeps normal meshes loaded in constantly. Maybe having it enabled would, for some configs, cause the LOD mesh to load where the normal one would be needed?

Chiming in as well to say that this works.

I did try messing with other settings briefly - not completely understanding the implications of doing so, but I left the streamer on, and doubled each value in the section. No affect that I could discern, but I was firing blind, so someone more knowledgeable might have better luck.

While checking performance with this issue, I noticed on Task Manager my game is also using .05% of my GPU usage and nothing else, everything else is on the CPU and RAM – could that also be related to the performance issues?

God bless you, it works!

Discovered this has to be re-done after every patch. Because they haven’t fixed the issue so after every patch the game goes back to looking like melty arse.

But the game have more crushes if we make it better looking from the file, so I will make it back how it was and will hope it’s gona be fixed on relise. :neutral_face:

Bump, same here.
The texture/mesh/polygon thing.
Started instantly after 40 + hours playing WITHOUT!
Until 03.12.2022 midnigth ok, since today in the morning 100 % of the time with this bug.

Only thign I changed: Tried to add trinket to weapon which was bugged by itself. Don´t know if this is related.