No Real Pysker Changes with Patch

I like brain burst and believe it should be used a fair amount of time. My suggested fix to the problem was making it say you get stacks on USE of brain burst rather than kill. So you can generate stacks while hitting a boss/monster with it. So you generate stacks on elites that don’t die in 1 hit so you can make use of the powerful pop rather than casting it on mook enemies that die in 1 hit regardless of how many stacks you have.

We’re not saying brain burst is the problem, we’re saying the way that you gain warp charges is a problem. Brain Burst is great, but having the only method of gaining charges be by killing something with the pop is a problem. A lot of your feats synergize with the number of charges you have.

Psyker problems essentially boil down to being too focused on bb to gain bonuses playstyles not focused around bb having no real consistent way to gain or maintain warp charges. Casting bb on higher difficulty elites and not getting the kill leaves u without reward especially when it can take 3 or 4 casts to kill an elite at higher difficulties. Staffs are currently the most fun playstyle imo and seem to be the most flexible and swapping off to bb an elite isnt worth it most of the time due to staffs having more utility via staggering mobs for your squad. Granted i dont think psyker is weak or anything just no real cohesion in the kit.

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No, they could just give you more stacks. Like up to 12 stacks (18 with feat), but each stack only gives +1% damage. Brain bursting elites or specials give 4 stacks. This would balance out pretty well I think. You’d be encouraged to only use brain burst on enemies it makes sense to and your other warp attacks on the other enemies.


Also a veteran with a plasma gun pretty much outperforms a psyker brain burst all day, every day. They dont even have to slow down to pop elites. They can kill 3-5 elites by the time your first brain burst has finished charging.


Then you have even more of a problem because now you either have to pop a lot of weak guys or yell at your team to not kill the elites. It takes multiple pops to kill half the elites and specials in the game and 90% of the time you pop someone once and then your teammates finish them off leaving you with nothing.

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Well, it’s almost like warp charge mechanic was flawed from the beginning then? So Any change that is made won’t fix the problem.


Thats what we’re asking for here xD, a change to the warp charge mechanic. Specifically a change to how you gain them

It highly depends on your build, but after quite alot of testing both in meatgrinder and on the field, I am playing with Coherency kills (from you AND your teammates) having 4% chance to reward a warp charge.
Playing with 6 max warp charges feat aswel.

You’re not CONSISTENTLY gaining them, especially on lower difficulties, that is true.
However, even on missions lvl 2 or 3, this alone let you gain a warp charge around every 15 to 20s, as long as there’s ennemies dying.
You have to do a manual brainburst to keep them sometimes, but quite often you’ll get one charge thanks to more interesting kill tools at your disposal.
With higher difficulties, even more so with endless hordes, your charges flow. Maintaining charges with a brainburst is nearly not necessary.

At least in my experience.

Brainburst is indeed a damage burst allowing you to clear elites / specials, but it should be looked at as a tool more than a kill-move for Maulers / Crushers and so on.
Get that stagger to let your team deal the final blow !
If you need absolutely a warp charge to keep your stacks, target a random ennemy, you’re more likely to get the charge than if your targeting priority targets already under fire or ennemies needing more than one burst.

That beeing said, it is a bit sad that you kind of have to get this talent to make it work.
If you don’t, it is clearly a pain to keep these charges, and i simply prefer to ignore them altogether.
Maybe simply increasing the duration would help alleviate the situation where you kind of feel like only maintaining charges and not really playing your character to it’s full potential

This patch focused more on ogryn and zealot, we got focus on the last patch so don’t push for every patch to be for psyker.

All FS needs to do is make us gain warp charges when we use weapons that cause peril and things will be great.

Yep 100% true.
It just feels “meh” : )