No more penances/costumes please

I waited a while to post this, because I wanted to be 100% sure.

Now that enough time has gone by I can confidently say that you’re data must reflect the same conclusion.

The release of the last patch with penances, and costumes, brought back that horrible chunk of your playerbase that has been doing more damage to the game since its release than good.

Prior to the patches release the queues where amazing, everybody had fun, they popped quickly, and the daily concurrent players was on the rise. The only thing the patch did, was add more penances, that further encouraged them to come back to prove they are masters of fatshark games.

This brought back and revived a playstyle that had died, going slow. This has been incredibly stressful to players that have actually played your game, and learned how to play it, by dragging matches on for almost an hour, and increasing the probabilities of failures. When you add to that, the incessant whining, random nerfs, and the constant attacks against you on the forums, it is easier for players that liked your game, to just quit, and play something else.

So by the Emperor, for the sake of the game, do not release any more penances/costumes, and do not announce anything about darktide anymore. The game was doing so much better, till this patch brought these people back.

Sorry but I don’t think a game should be essentially annihilated, so you can play with yourself in a private sand pit.

I think Fatshark should go out of their way to make this game a massive success. And sadly that means we’ll get all sorts of people playing, not just the select few you can tolerate. Believe me, we all have bad experiences in multiplayer games. Just roll with the punches.

Unless, your post was an attempt at reverse psychology? In which case… uhhh… Yeah, stop updating the game, Fatshark! We don’t like having new content!


Not true. Take a look at the steam charts. Active players were declining and after the garbs and penances update, there was a rise in player numbers. Slight, but noticeable. It lasted for about 10 days and then started to decline again, after people completed their penances. Sure, a few penances still encouraged bad plays but helped the game out a bit.

But I have to say, if the leaks are true, and we only get new cosmetics with new ways to earn them, it will not be enough to save the game. The locks have to go and we have to get new ways to earn/buy blessings. And a huge amount of bugs will have to be fixed.

Edit: I rarely partake in matches that are longer then 35 mins. Only hiint STG can be that long. The missions were not noticeably longer during the 10 days of the patch.

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I partially agree. Some penances are just silly and encourage wasting resources, like throwing stun grenades at hordes. But a large number of us were unhappy with the number and quality of unpaid cosmetics vs the paid ones, and that update went a small way towards addressing that. I think it still has a ways to go personally as I don’t want all the good stuff to be paid, but that’s just me.

Those damn penance hunters are back again, what have you done fatshark? How can you bring back those evil people, that don’t care about team play and mission success. Those fiends only want one thing…


The fisherman baits the lure :fishing_pole_and_fish:


I honestly can’t tell whether or not this post is sincere, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Speaking only for myself, I enjoy playing on the highest difficulties and collecting penances because it’s fun for me. Although I’m not crazy about the most recently released penance garb (I feel like it makes my characters look more like dregs than inquisitorial agents), I still did them anyhow cuz I gots ta get me them phat drip, as the young people might say.


These weren’t as bad as the OG T4 unlocks that have since been relegated to private maps, all of which (for me) may as well have been private as I only attempted them with friends and, likewise, helped them get theirs.

What I liked about this round of penances was that they only required some small tweaks to my build choices. This did not inconvenience anyone else in my group; no one else had to do anything special for me (e.g., like leave me alone with the boss for 5 minutes while I repeatedly brain burst him so I could get the same pants ^_^).

This time around, if any of the random players I was grouped with were working on their penances, I hadn’t noticed, and certainly, no one mentioned it.

This is how it should be - transparent to other players. If anything, I would welcome more penances like that.

That’s my opinion, you’re welcome to yours.


I like penances. I like cosmetics associated with penances. If I’m being critical, I would say that I could do with less pants that have ropes incorporated into their design. One pair of pants with ropes will do me just fine. 2 is like my max.


Zarraya has a habit of posting very inflammatory things with the pretense that they’re one of the best players in the game, so I wouldn’t really take any thread they start with much merit.

Sucks that this behavior is starting to spill into this section, too. This isn’t Gameplay Complaints.

More penances and cosmetics are fine. People who model and design things and people who create UX and non-gameplay content have no bearing on what other game designers are doing.

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smashes the hyper disagree button*

More players benefits everyone. More content benefits everyone. I’ve played 250 hours and never had a single match go for longer than 45 minutes. Not a single player I’ve played with has done what you described. Your complaint holds no water to me. Git gud. Sometimes you need to be the one to push the party forward and press on to the next fight.

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Zarraya would win the “most annoying and disliked person on the Darktide forums” award in a heartbeat. I’m pretty sure it does this on purpose.

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They’re aren’t adding any penances with this update but purchasable recolors.