No crafting 'cubes' awarded

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Issue Description:
I’ve played 10+ games since the latest patch that released the crafting materials. After mission completion, i receive the tube-like crafting rewards, but the cube-things don’t get rewarded (also maybe nice to get a tooltip to actually see how the materials are called…)
I’ve got them awarded once (got 10 atm) but none there after,

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Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Play mission. Happens both on my Zealot as on my Psyker
  2. No cube-crafting reagents added to the Hadron. Stuck on 10 pcs though mission rewards state I get 10 every time. Should’ve had 100+ by now.
  3. Can’t upgrade items due to this -.- :slight_smile:


Player ID:
76561198019019774 ( Steam Community :: MeniPewPew )

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
11/24/2022 - 11/25/2022 since release 1.0.8. West Europe (CET)

Reproduction Rate:
Constant after one time receiving the materials, none where awarded after

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console-2022-11-25-10.10.48-e28f61af-bd11-4640-b597-07dbfbd4b2ab.log (162.6 KB)
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console-2022-11-25-09.42.06-d0ee052d-07cb-442f-99a0-b538135d7ea4.log (152.7 KB)
console-2022-11-24-16.44.55-62c8e144-f3ce-42f2-83f0-417f6f62e69e.log (1.2 MB)
console-2022-11-24-08.15.41-fd5f7843-b0f4-479e-8aa2-f29eb5b2b161.log (864.3 KB)

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you have to find them in game there are a pick up

i did…they are in my aftermisison award screen awarded to me

ho sorry then yes that is deff a bug