No cinematics

Platform: Xbox series X

I see the “Cinematics” menu. When I selected, it opened a menu with reference to Microsoft Store.

How can I see the cinematics?

Hi @FelixMann,

We’ve been unable to reproduce this. If possible could you provide us with a video of this issue please?

Sorry, I said something wrong. I can’t select CINEMATICS menu…

This is the main man…I can’t select CINEMATICS…if I click MICROSOFT STORE…I see black screen with two arrows in the top…one is looking right, the other left…

It’s genuinely very strange. I queried this with our console developers and was told there shouldn’t be any criteria needed to access Cinematics. We tested this internally for both Xbox and PS and could not reproduce the issue :thinking:

Our console developers are going to continue to look into this, although sadly I don’t have an immediate solution to this for you.

The only suggestion I can give for now would be to try a clean reinstallation of Vermintide 2, but I can’t guarantee if this will resolve the issue.

Please let me know how it goes if you try this!

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