No being able to shoot my bow without switching it out first

Issue Summary: Im not sure how many characters this bug works on but when playing Huntsman Kruber if an enemy disables me at the exact same time i fire an hour when i get back up my arrow count will be 0/X (X obviously being my remaining ammo) and i can not fire the weapon again until i switch to something else and switch back.
Sorry if this has been reported already i tried to search first but couldnt find anything.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Fire arrow at the same time you get disabled by an enemy (gutter runner, leech, etc.)

Reproduction Rate (Choose One): 100% (though it has only happened a few times the bug happens every time the situation occures)
Rare (< 10%)
Unusual (< 25%)
Common (< 50%)
Often (< 75%)
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

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