New Veteran Tree is so limiting

It takes 21 points just to reach a keystone if I take the most basic path to it. On my psyker, and zealot, it takes only 17 points. I have tried out the keystones and in the end I don’t use any of them, in order to save points and spread out my grenade/aura/ability choices. I like to play a hybrid and this tree is really bad for that.


they just won’t give up those trash fillers perks like Born Leader, Inspiring Presence, Superiority Complex they have invented, without those we would have a way better tree


I’d like the Veteran tree to be fun and exciting. Give me options and new toys to play with.

Instead I just got hit with weird gimmicky stacks and swaps. Its boring, which is the worst crime of all in a video game.


I do more dmg over all now I think but lack all of the things I used to keep me upon my feet while doing that high dmg they removed and moved a lot of perks over by one to make it look like they updated it but it feels more like a class nerf than anything,

The one that makes me mad the most is they removed the perk next to the lasgun one at the bottom left before it was like all guns do 10% more dmg or lasguns don’t use ammo on some hits now it’s only the lasgun one and some other perk that is almost useless,

And they removed 90% of the perks that give you A more heath and armor and B ones that let you do more ranged dmg they left melee alone it seems but I have no idea as I only used guns last night

Last night I was able to make a full build with 27 points and be able to run it now I can’t even make what feels like half my old build


Just registered to voice my opinion on this specifically.

I feel like I need more points to perform less and with less flexibility. Above all however, the capstones are far too gimmicky and actively restrict me in the way I play.

I do not want to juggle stacks. Buff tracking is not what I want to do in a fast-paced horde shooter. And this applies doubly to randomly introduce this to this degree on not a new class but a class I’ve mained since release.

Stop it. This is outright worse than how it was before.


I’d agree that the keystones are pretty gimmickey, I like the middle one okay but the left one seems obnoxious even if the numbers on it seem good. The tree shouldn’t lock you into one route so hard, for sure, and I think they should give the other auras a lessened ammo regen effect in addition to their main thing.


if they compressed the tree by combining some of those into single nodes, that would help make them worthwhile and make the tree more felxibile.


I am watching a youtube review on the tree rework right now. Helps puts things into perspective.

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The Patch 13/14 Vet tree was more fun. Fatshark as nerfed the fun of playing a Vet.

If it’s a person doing all this, they have no clue. An AI would be better. It blows my mind how people get work in the entertainment industry without being capable of knowing if their result is entertaining or not before release.

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Looks like i’ll be taking another break from Darktide until they get this mess sorted out.

Maybe it’s for the best - I still have to finish BG3 and paint my Necromunda gang.

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