New Player's Amulet of Ashur Missing

My significant other has Winds of Magic. We ran Dark Omens, the first ranked weave, as well as some quick plays and redid them. Athanor is currently above level 5. The Amulet of Ashur is still missing from her game.

We’ve referenced a few posts that claimed to resolve the issue. After attempting multiple times, step by step, we’ve not come to a conclusion.

The referenced posts:

Multiple Steam posts

The player’s Steam Profile is here:

Hi @BicycleOfDeath,

This should now be resolved for the profile linked above :slight_smile:

Let me know if this isn’t the case.

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Thank you, @FatsharkLev

Talked to NuttyAssilem and the issue has been fully resolved.

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Hello my friend is having the same issue:

@QuakerTroy, this should now be resolved for your friend :slight_smile: sorry about that.

Hey, im having the same issue as well: Steam Community :: The Anonymous Sheep

Hi @Boe_Von_Lipwig, this should now be resolved for you also :slight_smile:

heya :frowning: i think same issue here Steam Community :: Hedy Lamarr

Hello! My friend is having the same problem too. Steam Community :: Nagz

@tinkachu, @Strudelism - this should now be resolved for both of you too!

Hey, i have the same issue, this is my profile:

Fixed for you, @fili96

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Hi, I’m having the same issue Steam Community :: Eye Gore

Also fixed for you @EyeGore

Hello, i have the same problem

@Aetos, fixed for you :slight_smile: