New Game mode suggestion - Ultimate Survival mode!

Brilliant idea for a world class mode with perhaps a weekly ranking for Teams with a point system and minutes survived.

The mode I am imagining would be stick a minimum party of 4 into an arena type map, or setting. Then throw mixes of enemies at the team, non stop, continuously increasing the danger and threat level with no cap. (Cap the starting difficulty as only Legend…) Ultimately the whole point of the game is to acquire points by surviving the longest and maybe killing the most high point targets. I am sure you can crunch some numbers and award points for clan rats/chaos slaves/sv/shielded sv etc… i am imagining a competitive no holds barred mode that will just escalate into an absolute kill frenzy of epic proportions that just escalates to impossible. (Or is it really impossible? Let the games begin! Maybe there is a team that can surpass the odds!)

Maybe set aside top scoring global players with points for top 10 weekly global rankings, and special prizes for top 3. Similarly, can come up with something to reward teams for survival rankings.

Ultimately want to end up at a point that the threats are so severe the team cannot survive, but theoretically I think this would be an Awesome PvE mode with some competitive elements thrown in!

Any further discussion on a possible “ultimate survival mode” with leaderboards and rankings would be welcome! I just imagine a point where you would get 2 bosses spawn at once… plus specials plus hordes all in an arena or maybe even parts of existing maps with flamewalls preventing players from roaming out of bounds! I really believe its a great idea for V2


I’ve been suggesting this for a while. Defend the keep mode… Have hordes, elites, specials attack the keep and we have to defend it. Would be a fun game.

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Was thinking the same… like defend the fortess/siege mode/survival/arena… its a damn good idea.

What tickles my interest the most is the possibility of making the event a competitive thing… ie: weekly global rankings, etc.

Competitive elements tend to allow games to have a much longer lifespan. People love to compete.

I remember how long I played RE5 for the survival mode… and combo meters for points. That kind of gameplay is fun and addictive!



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A. k. a. Last Stand. A mode that was in VT1, and the return of which has been requested before. It seems that it wasn’t quite what the devs wanted it to be, so even if it would return, it would get changes.

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that is Last Stand, mode from V1
it would be great to have it in V2 with some tweaks

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A survival/last stand mode sure is what this game is missing. V1 felt a lot “larger” and more versatile to me not just because it had more maps, but also because it had a completely different alternative game mode that I personally preferred even, as well as some friends of mine. One of them actually grew bored of running the same 15 maps over and over and mostly quit on us until they do add a last stand mode :smiley: So yeah, the incentive certainly is there, I am sure lots of people would enjoy the hell out of this.

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