New Design Ideas

Loving the mechanics of the game, and the crafting is getting to a good place, but there really needs to be more than just repeating the same few maps with time-locked modifiers. Here are a few suggestions for future design to keep things fresh and interesting:

Mouse-over toolbar info -
I’m sure there’s a long line of people looking for this. Please add mouse-over information for weapon stats and other inventory/menu/field listings.

Larger story/continuation for same party multi-mission play -
Not exactly a mandatory multi-map campaign, per se, but players who team up for more than one mission have an option, on mission completion, to proceed directly to a new mission with existing resources and progressively reduced health/ammo resupply options. All rewards would be withheld until the team opts to return to base, with a compounding bonus on completion and complete loss on team wipe. This could be enabled by a random pickup in the map which points to a sub-plot that ties two or three missions together, or as a selectable play type or setting at the mission terminal.

Event-based path deviation -
I’m sure everyone is hoping for map variation and that’s already in the pipe, but I’d like to see forced path deviation due to events as well as any new static designs. Things like an actionable enemy-triggered explosion blocking a hallway, a low-tier specialist mini-horde ambush that closes doors to create a choke point, or a slowly closing blast door at the far end of a horde-filled, dynamically arranged arena space.

New score arrangements and dialogue with releases -
The score is amazing and the dialogue impressively varied for this type of game, but it will get old. Let’s hope they have plans to release new tunes and speech options as part of QoL updates.

Expansion/Add-On goals supported by microtransactions -
This one is a little out there, but I’d like to see (reasonable) threshold goals set for total playerbase Aquila purchases or expenditures, each of which reduces the cost of the next expansion or add-on price by 15%-25%. This way those who are interested in passing Fatshark a little extra change for groovy cosmetics can also help the community at large to access new content at a lower entry point and make sure as many people as possible are able to play with the same options. There could be a progress indicator in the premium cosmetic store to raise awareness/interest.

What does everyone else want to see in future design?

there are still a few tracks on the soundtrack that haven’t been used ingame yet,iirc. so there are probably at least a few more coming.

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