New cosmetics every time I start the game

Since the last update, the game shows me every time I turn it on that I have new cosmetics and they are all dlc cosmetics. It is pretty annoying.

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Could you send me the URL to your Steam profile, please? I believe this may be a backend-related issue.

This is also happening to me, I get the notification that I have new cosmetics as well as having the star on the cosmetic tag in the inventory menu. My Steam Profile URL: Steam Community :: JBles95

Thanks both, we’re looking in to it!

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Same thing is happening to me so I’ll just go ahead and throw my Steam profile in here.

Same here

Also as I was writing up a report for this before I saw this existed, I was told to upload my user_settings.config file in the pre-written text, but .config files are not allowed to be uploaded here. Just letting you know.

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