New Chinese Translation of Darktide Name Greatly Cracks Down the Launch Campaign

Dear Fatshark:
I noticed that Darktide has updated its Steam page which is great, however, the Chinese version of Darktide steam page, is using “黑潮” as a new translation of “Darktide”, different from “Darktide” former translation "暗潮“ ,this has led to a haze of confusion and vast discussion among Vermintide and Warhammer Chinese fans.
We don’t like the new one and also dont get it why Fatshark suddenly changed Chinese name before launch. Here are the reasons:

  1. “暗潮”,the former Chinese name of Darktide, was first used by Fatshark own on the Steam page, after its announcement in 2020. The name soon was accepted through common practice. You could see "暗潮“ uesd everywhere in community, Media and daily talks. Fans and streamers, digital players and warhammer fans, the name has already be combined wtih Darktide for 2 years.

  2. This year, after Darktide started its launch campaign, all related Chinese localization propaganda are using former name "暗潮“ to represent Darktide game. Games Workshop‘s Warhammer channel in Bilibili (like Chinese Youtube), Fatshark’s own channel in Bilibili and Heybox, of which every sentence mentioning Darktide is using the former name.

  3. It’s kinda weird to change translation of IP name especially before launch. This has already triggered suspect and distrust on the game operation and quality.YOU CANT EVEN HANDLE A NAME? Of cause it would break the accumulation of public praise and hurt the sales number of Darktide in China… Everyone would be glad to buy a copy of "暗潮“ and ignore new game "黑潮“…Fatshark shouldnt ruin the all along effort of Darktide IP propaganda in Chinese. Accually I have never seen anyone would change his name before coming to claim his own property…

  4. The new one "黑潮“ sucks in Chinese usage. Its almost like “Blacktide” and so direct, therefore lost the flavour of a Fantasy game. On the contrast, former name, “暗潮” is a vague description to the grim dark and dangerous universe, which is much more suitable for Darktide. As I observe, in Chinese community, fans are all more fond of the former one and feel the new one a little bit awkward.

  5. The new one "黑潮“ has already be occupied by other product IP and has its community group. Differently, former one “暗潮” is a unique one in Chinese no one has used before. IF you want to promote a new IP franchise, use the former one “暗潮”.

  6. Accually, there are also people using the new translation "黑潮“before mainly in console (traditional Chinese users), however, compared to the overwhelming number of majority Simplified Chinese users, AT LEAST fix the steam version of translation back and use the former one “暗潮” in PC games!

Feel free to contact me if you need more evidence and prove.

PLZ make it right and dont change IP name before launch, thats really weird!
Best wishes for the Darktide launch campaign!
Master of Mankind, Grant us Strength!


Did they end up changing it back?

Yes,They did changed it back.Its now “暗潮” not “黑潮” anymore.

Interesting, thanks for letting me know.