May 2024
Hi Fatshark
I almost play Darktide on xbox for 500h+,but i wan to try Vermintide2.When i saw there is no chinese and crossplay(console can play with pc xbox and steam)i feel very sad.
Many chinese player play Vermintide2 on xbox but we really need chinese language(you can try to add chinese from steam vermintide2 into console vermintide2,it’s better than no chinese on console) and crossplay.
Thank you for your reading.
For sigma and the empire!!!

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@D1gitail Crossplay would be great.

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Thank you for bringing the missing chinese localization issue to our attention, we’ll look into it! Regarding the crossplay, I’m afraid I don’t think there’s any plans at the moment to implement this, and crossplay with PC would be impossible as is. But your feedback is heard!


Thank you for reading this,Chinese player on console have been waiting for chinese language in Vermintide2 for a long time,we really hop Fatshark can add chinese language in Vermintide2 as soon as possible.
I will looking forward to your reply.

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Guys,We need Chinese language on XBOX, Playing in an unfamiliar language is painful