New Bardin songs in Quiet drink

There’s so many of them and they’re so good. Does any one have a list of 'em?

There needs to be more times when Bardin serenades us with his dulcet tones

I take issue with his songs, they kept interrupting his “Queen” while she was talking.

btw, @Fatshark_Hedge, can you let Alix Regan know that she has the cutest hiccups lmao. My wife thought they were adorable as well. 10/10 voice acting for this event.


His name is BARD-in, him singing is no coincidence!


“Where have all the gobbos gone?”
I keep hearing this in my head with Pete Seeger’s voice

I love this une:

Oh, Josef Bugman strode the dale; with an axe and a helm and ale…

And that’s why, young beardling, as you can plainly see
you should never trust an elgi who clings to a tree

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