Bardin's Songbook - OUT NOW!

Bardin has been singing you through many battles, and we can’t simply get enough of his tunes so we decided that it was time to include the best of the best in Bardin’s Songbook.

The songbook includes the tunes:

  • Heart of Gold
  • Over the Mountain
  • Where have all the Gobboz gone?

and more!

Go grab a book over on the Fatshark Store but be quick - copies are going fast!


Haha, I saw this pop up on Steam! I love it, can’t wait until you get that and the other things back in stock! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve always wanted chum.

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Alright I dont care about the Beastmen DLC anymore. I want this please.

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Sold out within an hour…really

good april fool

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Hah, yeah, you got me then, on account of not knowing what day it is… most days


aw I thought this was included in the patch
I was so happy for a moment
I love singing Bardin

but we have to buy it?
come on :frowning:

It’s just… AWESOME! Take my money, gimme a copy! I want this songs more than any DLC! Like a second breath to my plays (Hope it’s not just an April joke)

I know this is an April fools joke… but no joke, I would probably legit get it…

oh no
it’s a joke :frowning:
I really wanted this
I love singing Bardin!

where did we come from
over the mountain
where are we going
over the mountain!

please release some songs

dwarven mumbling

You could have just released Xbox patch notes and gotten everyone REALLY good.


oh man, now I really want it :smiley:

April Fools an all aside. I would legit buy the heck outa this! They would make BANK

“ Where have all the Gobboz gone?” xD

I wish this was reals too :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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