Network Performance Somehow Getting... Worse?

Constantly dropping inputs…

Press to switch weapon, sometimes it won’t register the input at all, sometimes it’ll show the animation, then switch right back.

Charge up staff to use alt-fire, and won’t register input to release.

Using Data Interrogator, and doesn’t register clicks at all sometimes, or sometimes will register multiple at once causing it to flicker back and forth…

These are new issues since last update… Basically unplayable at this point.


It’s particularly bad the higher the difficulty. Damnation has some massive performance issues when there’s a boss and/or horde up.

For example:

Just… yeah. Those were on different runs, on different days.

EDIT: Yeah, just had a run where I just kinda ragequit alt + F4ed because I was trying to shove/slash a horde and it just did… nothing while they slapped me back for 140 damage. Happens with guns/staves as well where you’ll fire and just… nothing comes out. Extra fun with abilities.

Give me back P2P if your servers are going to be this bad. I never wanted dedicated servers.


Had runs where the director decided to spawn endless amount of pox wolkers until the server just went “nah cant handle this crap” and crashed the lobby.
There are definitely some oddities with the current patch, i see enemies constantly being despawned to try and keep the servers somewhat alive but even still 5 runs can vary from perfectly stable to 1 horde insta crashes.

Completely off-topic, but that first video’s thumbnail could be the cover of a death metal album lol.

EDIT: On topic, I’ve been going CRAZY these past two days, thinking my mouse is breaking apart.

Lasgun shots not rendering (I even submitted a bug report about this here), missed inputs, the interrogator stuff, I was convinced my mouse was double-clicking or missing inputs, but it just doesn’t happen in any other game.

This needs some attention. It gets worse as more enemies spawn, so it’s definitely the servers that are made out of toilet paper. They got a cash shop ready and all, but couldn’t be bothered to pay for decent servers :person_facepalming: :money_mouth_face:

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Maybe that’s why it went up so quick? So they can buy new hardware!

All I know is that it’s seriously concerning to me that this is a thing in the first place, and that I haven’t seen anything about it being addressed in patch notes or announcements. It’s possible I missed it, but I really hope it’s not going to get shoved under the rug because right now the majority of players are still on malice at most. (Though even on malice issues can happen)

I did a game on my lower level sharpshooter earlier and it felt like a totally different game in terms of being able to deadstop dogs and whatnot. On damnation I just dodge while spamming shove and pray that multiversal dogs will have mercy if I can’t shoot them with a stumble gun in time.

EDIT: And then the first game I try tonight this abomination of a lag grab (I like how you can see my model clipping horribly into the boxes because that grab physically couldn’t have occurred) happens followed up by this game being a masterpiece. And since I’d been having to carry the entire round, needless to say my team died.


Yesterday in a Malice mission I reached new heights of terrible server performance :
during a moderately big horde, there were quite a lot of things happening at once and I was trying to melee with the Dueling Sword. The server ignored 5 of my pushes in a row, prevented me from using the push-attack, and switching weapons became nigh-impossible. I’m pretty sure hit reg took a leave of absence around this time too.

Why aren’t more people talking about this ? Melee combat is supposed to be one of the central pillars of -Tide games, and yet the servers keep taking a big dump on it. Never have I had such problems in VT2.

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Things got terrible server-wise since they released 1.0.14 and we are since waiting for them to react as they failed to deliver another patch by last week’s end as was planned in the community post made by @Aqshy, and then week-end went by and now it’s beginning of Monday afternoon is all.

On one side, I am glad they take a proper week-end off.
On another side, 1.0.14 made things terrible server side and we have been stuck with that for 5 days and have to wait for them to do something about it.


We never stated we were delivering a patch at the end of last week. Our latest patch was 1.0.14. As mentioned in the community update:

In today’s update, we want to address a few questions from the community, as well as talk about what’s to come in our next community update on Wednesday, December 14.

Our biggest update yet will land next week and will include further improvements, additional weapons, fixes, private sessions, and more.

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My bad I was sure I had read something like that on 1.0.14 release but apparently not.

“The next community update post is slated to go out this week” … I had read that as the next patch ah !
Wishful thinking !

haha, no problem, happens to the best of us!

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Well, I would. But personally the performance just gets better and better over time, not worse. Biggest issue I have is getting random DC’s and failed to join servers and such, but I rarely get server lag issues.

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Just to be clear, @Aqshy post stated that the next patch will arrive this week, in addition to a community update tomorrow (Wednesday 14th).
To quote a sentence from Community update #5, which was posted on December 8th (Thursday last week):

“Our biggest update yet will land next week and will include further improvements, additional weapons, fixes, private sessions, and more”.