Need to seriously consider nerfing flamer

You’re right about the range on the flame.
I’d use the flamer if the group is getting overwhelmed by hordes with mixed flak specials. Crushers walk right through it and take little damage, and bulwarks block all of it for everything behind them. If crushers are in the mix I just flame around the sides to try and make a gap between them and the horde for my team to safely fight the crushers. If a horde is on the group and a couple shot gunners are walking through the horde evenly spread, the flamer can do some good work where melee on damnation will get you killed. It’s not as fast as a frag grenade and you can easily get shot pulling it out to shoot as it has bolter esq set ups, but it’s easy to play around.

If the flamer loses it’s stagger then it will be useless and become a liability like the thunder hammer. It could stand to lose some damage vs flak tho. Maybe take longer to build up stacks of flame on flak targets.


I like it like it is, ofc its pretty strong but i´m honestly most of the rounds the only one with Flamer. I have over 350 h in the Game and around 250 with Zealot, i can´t see a real problem with it. Most of the Zealots are playing something else. There is no Flamer spam imo. Maybe tune it a bit down but there is no need for nerving it to a useless piece of crap.
I´m 45 and i really enjoy it not to aim like crazy for hours only to be “pro” like i did 25 years ago.
It´s just so much fun for me to purge the hell out of the ugly enemies and see them burning like torches…thats why i play games like this. it´s no competition, it´s fun for 4 people who like slaughtering pixels after a day of work just to relax!
I use my axe most of the time and use it for horde clearing when the brown crap hits the fan.
Btw it´s sometimes awful to play a Lasgun for example because of the laggy netcode or whatever it is, that the hitboxes are elsewhere and the laggy behaviour of the shooting-animation.

I think for those who don´t like the Flamer, just take something else, it won´t hurt you, if someone else is playing it? and be honest, it looks damn cool :slight_smile:

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