Need help ! how I can have the help to unbug my vermintide 2 from fat shark?

Please see the pinned post: About the Vermintide 2 - Technical Support Category to see what information to include in your report.

Th agame crash since today I’m not able to open the game nothing works and he always say this : [Script Error]: scripts/ui/hud_ui/gamepad_ability_ui.lua:337: attempt to index local ‘size’ (a nil valur) I uninstalle my radeon software 4 time since this morning and reinsalled 4 time vermintide 2. I look for the folder in steam… nothing change all my other game realy work well … I put to more money and time in this game please help me I buy it to 2 friend I play vermin since the first one please help me whit that !

This is a known issue and will be patched soon, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

For more information and a workaround, please see here under ‘Known Crashes’: June 2021 - Known Issues List – Fatshark

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