Naming characters

Just a generalized question, I understand there are going to be names not allowed to be used in game for specific reasons.

But why is it when I try to name my Psyker character “PatienceKys” who is a character from the Warhammer 40k Eisenhorn and Ravenor novels I can’t?

After some digging the game dosn’t like the Kys, which sucks because I’ve named each of my other classes after novel characters just fine. It’s immersive for me.

So can someone explain to me whats wrong with Kys? Is this the profanity filter or a bug?

It’s probably because “Kys” also stands for “Kill Your Self” which is a vewy bad thing to do. You don’t want to do that. It is vewy bad and devs really care about our mental health <3

Someone reading your character’s name may feel prompted to self harm, you know? Be more careful, I don’t want violence on my warhammer games.

Thats a valid point. But in my opinion its still a little excessive, I mean games workshop has the rights to the franchise. And they didn’t ask the author to rename the character or re-write the books because of it.