Name Change on Characters please!

So here I am, the idiot that I am, naming my first character, the Veteran, after my online nick - “Lunnainn” - and my second character I so creatively named “LunnainnPsyker” to easily distinguish it from the Veteran, as with my third character, the Ogryn, which I called “LunnainnOgre”. Although, when it came to create my Zealot I actually got a bit creative (FerikJurgen, because of the flamethrower/Melta - it felt kind of fitting, since Sandy Mitchells Jurgen is deadpan zealous, melta-fan and kind of refuses to die despite odds), and since my Ogryn was just level 3 at the time, I deleted it and remade another one that I named Clegane. You know, after GoT’s The Mountain.

Now, I’m kinda ok with my Veteran being named Lunnainn - it kind of fits anyway, even though I would prefer to change it as well, so something… more wh40k’ish, but I dont want to slog through so many levels on my Psyker, and running around with “LunnainPsyker” feels so not wh40k’ish, nor creative.
I would love the option to change the name on each character atleast once. If so, I would definitely change the name of my Psyker to something along the lines of NyskaBetaPrimaris, Nyska being the name and the rest the “rank”.


I second this, I don’t know why its not an option even if its in some limited capacity like you can only change your name once every 3 months or something.

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I would like to upvote this feature request. I made a typo in my operative’s name and didn’t notice till he was level 27. Now it is bugging me. :smiley: Would love to have to option to change it, perhaps with a limit of once per 1/3/6/12 month(s), as suggested by others.

Name change will be made available. Only 1200 Aquilas :wink: