My Character just being renamed

Issue Description:
Sorry for bad english.
My 2 characters: Veteran and Ogryn had names SexualOffender and Pеnis. I understand its inapropriate, but they got renamed into David and Peter, i dont like these names.
Can i ask those who renamed my characters to rename them again?
I dont want to delete them and start lvling up again.
If its possible: rename for veteran is “BulletCrunch”, for Ogryn is “FatBoi”.

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Could you share the URL to your Steam profile with me please?

Wait is it possible to change name now? I have a old ticket from around 1 year ago saying you couldnt change name? is it possible now?

Yep - best to contact us at though

“Peter” is a pretty synonymous with the second name I would say

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It would be nice to manually be able to rename them. I want to avoid making tickets on their forums to do it.

How about “Richard”?




And for the other guy I suggest “DiddleKid”, the kid who diddles, and Batmans worst supervillain.


You renamed them? (I cant check it right now, im banned)

Maybe I should rename all my characters to #breakthelocks

Yep, they really got renamed. Thank you, Julia.