Mystery Acquisitions

I feel like Mystery Acquisition from Sire Melk should have a minimum quality item threshold (blue or purple). And these items should be ‘equal or above’ current gear score.

Because there’s nothing more frustrating than spending 200 coins to get a GREY lasgun 30 level below my gear score.
If this type of change doesn’t occur, I feel like I will never ever use the Mystery Acquisition again.

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Damn. Anyone else have that happen? I can over and searched just before I was going to click. Think I’ll save my coins.

happened to me on two pulls as well. The more i play this beta the more in convinced the game needs to delay release. Its now way worse than the October version.

Just had this. Same exact situation, pulled a grey Accatran lasgun that was worse than the one I literally had in my hands at that moment. Absolutely no worth it, and I doubt I’ll ever use it unless that gets changed.

One thing’s for sure, Sire Melk’s judgement is absolutely terrible.

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