My friend receives "lost connetion" messages every time


This problem is pretty interesting and unique I guess.

So If my friend joins to a lobby and plays about 2 minutes, she receives the “lost connection” error and the game freezez. When she creates a lobby and I join her (and some other players) we also receives this “lost connection” error after few minutes of gameplay. Everybody, the only exception is she.

She doesn’t have the new DLC. Before the new DLC she didn’t have this problem.

She also sent me her log file. If it’s necessary I can send it for examination.

She turn off every firewalls and the problem is still alive. She receives this:

She also receives this crash link:

GUID: b50613f3-92b7-4590-9fab-92ba60388779
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/flow/flow_callbacks.lua:381: attempt to index field ‘game_mode’ (a nil value)

Is the crash report displayed immediately after dismissing the Server Error?

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