My 2 penance on this game

Hi team, thanks for creating this game.

I thoroughly enjoyed vermintide 2 and was hoping there would be a 40k version.

I think there’s alot of potential in this game and you guys have done good stuff already.
I enjoy using Melee it feels impactful and contact with enemies feel nice.
I think adding a slight delay on contact will make it feel even more impactful, a design style prevalent in the new God of War (specifically using the axe)

I apologise if the following seems rude, my only intention is to give information to try help you understand your target audience better.

Personally, the main thing that’s making me not like the game as much I thought I would is the colour pallete seems very dark and grey. This gives the game a gears of war 1 vibe. The colours seem muted with low contrast.

Therefore, I believe the game’s aesthetic beauty is lost.

I think a bit more contrast and brighter/slightly warmer colours would go a long way, eg, make units stand out better over their environment.

The HUD does seem a bit janky and mine changes in weird ways where the bars don’t align properly after a bit of gameplay… (which makes it seem buggy) but it’s not that important.

I’d love to see a kill feed and get some stats at the end to see what everyone did similar to vermintide 2.

I don’t feel very rewarded in this game.

Finally, I matched with some players who were too invested in doing their
penance and we were unable to continue. I think there is a anti-fun issue with the current
penance system and I’m worried it will create a poor community.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to reach out if you’d like more information!
Kind regards,

TBH the color palette is by design. We’re currently diving into a hive city, which has a population of roughly the Earth packed into a footprint the size of Texas. It’s big, it’s grandiose, it’s dirty, it’s grimy, and it’s ancient. We’re fighting agents and daemons of a God of Decay and Stagnation. The setting is what Gears of War stole a lot of it’s inspiration from, since it’s the origins of Grim Dark and the main characters out of Gears took a lot of ‘inspiration’ from Space Marines from 40K.

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Thank you for sharing that.
I think the main thing, from a gameplay perspective, is that it is a bit hard to distinguish between the environment and the enemy units.

Albeit, my PC setup may be partially to blame.

My specs are:
CPU: i7-7700 @ 3.60GHZ
16g Ram
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 16gb
DirectX: Version 12
Monitor: AOC G2460PF (144hz)

Currently on lowest settings.
Getting roughly 60 fps +/- 10.

Oh ya, I can completely understand that the enemies all blend into the environment and that being frustrating. TBH with some of the modifiers to maps that we’ve seen though, I think that might also be by design. It puts a lot more emphasis on pinging high priority targets, which just translates to spamming the mark button until something gets marked.