Multiple Items Stuck in chest and unable to be picked up

Was playing on Refinery Delta-17 and I had collected a Grimoire. For remainder of the game I encountered several chests with items I could not pickup (1 Medipack and 2 Plasteel). All were inside chests on the map and I was not able to collect them. I was able to collect several other items, but these 3 were not collectable. (images attached)

SteamID: RemoraDFC

Time is about 5 minutes before this bug report.

Frequency is Unusual but creeping towards common. I have multiple bug reports for different items on different maps.

console-2022-12-13-19.12.13-d3a536fa-2ee4-430d-be44-54b01838e3a6.log (371.4 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (753.0 KB)