Mousecrursor not showing up

Issue Summary:
at the end result screen ( most of the time)
in the keep (sometimes)

Steps to Reproduce:
not sure yet it happens very often but i havent found a clear way to trigger it

Reproduction Rate :

Often (< 75%)

Additional Information:

the cursor will not show up for example if u enter chat it should pop up if this bug occurs it doesnt
in the endscreen it wont pop up so you cant select the return to keep option

it will come back after a while but it is annoying

regards towly

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I can’t seem to get my mouse cursor to pop up in any of the game’s internal menu options and inventory/crafting sections.

I just have to frantically move my mouse around until something, anything highlights.

It’s really annoying.

I noticed this too happening a lot. I have to move it off screen to get it to pop back up.

For me the cursor disappears every time I open up the Steam overlay (shift-tab) to check forums or whatever…

Cursor appears again after random amount of time or mouse movements… can’t reproduce how to make it visible again, just seems random so far.

Steam overlay shows a windows cursor. So something changed with the way cursor switching is done in the game?

I have found if you hit your Windows key then click back on the game, your mouse cursor will show up.


If you close whatever menu is open then open it back up, it disappears again :woman_facepalming:

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