Mouse pointer keep showing up ingame

Issue Summary:
The VT menu mouse pointer keeps showing up ingame which is annoying like hell

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play VT2

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Often (< 75%)

Additional Information:
When will the game come out of closed beta?

Super annoying since I started the game

please fix

Had this once, just hit escape, or tab and right click then exit. Or hold X i think it is, to show the character in 3rd person. Normally fixes those issues.

As people have said, if the cursor pops up you can try the followings things:

  • Press Enter Twice / Bring up and close chat -> this works most frequently for me
  • Open/close ESC menu
  • Tab + Right Click and then close tab

No clue what causes it. Sometimes I get cursors that don’t get cleared by the bottom two ‘fixes’ until I remember the chat method.

I had the exact same issue with Evolve, and I think that Steam is causing the mouse cursor to pop up, of course this is just my suspicion.

Pressing F2 twice also usually works to fix it.

F2 used to work but I can’t get the mouse pointer to go away. It’s now only showing up after a level has been cleared and I return to the keep. 100% each and every time.
I have to quit the game completely the get it away each time.

Kind of annoying. Using quite some time waiting for the game to restart each time.

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If you can provide a repro we can look in to this. It must be caused by something - such as using borderless windowed and accessing windows at a certain point - for example.

Let us know.

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