More Weapon Illusions - Fireball Staff | Conflagaration Staff | WoM Weapons

Is it planned that in Lohners Emporium there will also be new weapons illusions in the future? No new content has been added to this category since its introduction, which is especially incomprehensible with regard to Sienna’s Fireball and Conflagaration Staff. The two weapons have always had actually only 2 illusions, a basic skin and another variant (+ the 2 glowing). The same happens to the weapons that came into the game with WoM (which only have the blue glowing variant). I think a little bit of variety couldn’t hurt in view of the announced Chaos Wastes DLC (just as it was seen in WoM with a new weapon/class such as said in the stream).

Hopefully we can expect a little bit more, at least concerning this topic… even if it will be packed into an additional Cosmetic DLC (that’s ok) and will cost shillings on top of that (that’s not ok).


I would like to see this staff illusion to make a comeback from V1