More variation of weapon mks

In my opinion the weapon MKs could feel a bit more unique.

I first felt differences in MKs by using the recon las gun, because it hast a MK with approx. half fire rate but double damage per shot. And I really liked the differences.

But other weapons almost feel identical No matter the MK.
So why not make the different MKs of a weapon more unique and give more variation.

Just for a point of example using a LAS.

Las MK1: Single shot, with Iron sight and as weapon special a switch to burst fire.

Las MK2: single shot, holo sight and flashlight

Las MK3: single shot, 4x sight and bayonet

I would like to hear more opinions of such a system

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I like the idea of the MK1 Kantrael Pattern Lasguns and all non-braced autoguns having Iron-sights and the higher marks having optical sights and a associated stability bonus.

Having a Kantrael Pattern Lasgun with a bayonet and a lasgun that has action modes to the bolter would be good.