More interesting Ability Modifiers

The current class abilities are great, but ability modifiers are boring and mostly exist as a tax to make the baseline ability better. The only ability that has two unique choices is Psyker’s Telekine Shield where you can choose between a wall or a dome. Each has different benefits and ways they are supposed to be used. What if ability modifiers were more like Telekine Shield? For example, what if Loyal Protector had two different taunt abilities? One could be like the current iteration where you are incentivized to get in the middle of a hoard to taunt as many things as possible. The other side could be a more discrete taunt where you taunt in a cone (similar to Venting Shriek). This side could have a shorter cooldown or bigger damage buff.
What are your thoughts? Do you have any ideas of potential ability modifiers?


I love this idea! This would be a great excuse to balance the modifiers that clearly aren’t rn too (Vent’s Warp Rupture -cough-).


Not a bad idea.
I don’t mind having some modifiers that are less impactful, and mostly just slightly stronger notable passives limited to active use.
But most active abilities having two choices for how to play them would certainly add opportunities and variety.

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On the topic of Ability Modifiers:

I think that some of the Ability Modifiers for Executioner’s Stance and Infiltrate should be built-in, this would help them both compete with Voice of Command.

Edit: I would personally still use Voice of Command for the sake of being a “Support” teammate, but seeing more viable diversity in Veteran builds would be nice.


that ship sailed when they opted for the talent tree system, i think.

I wanted to list some ideas last time I was here but didn’t have the time. I know none of this matters but it’s just things I’ve been thinking about randomly while making builds and staring at the more lackluster options in annoyance. xD I’ll do one for each class.

Psyker - Vent > Warp Rupture (ult deals a tiny fraction of the dmg of Creeping Flames)
What if instead, this mod changed the ult to a beam 1-2m wide, with the same 35m range but a massive knockdown on par with VoC / Indomitable. Possibly with an extra lowered CD based on elites hit too. Something to both bring enough extra CC and peril management to compete with Creeping Flames dmg while giving it a distinct role. A ranged, directed knockdown in this manner would also enable completely new tactical opportunities for knocking enemies down cliffs, into hazard zones etc. Like now, it would also pass through walls and objects, except this one would absolutely knock that dog / burster / oggy the heck back every single time.

Oggy - Indomitable > Trample (+1% dmg per target hit, max 25% for 8s)
What if it was something similar to zelly’s charge, where you lock on to a specific enemy. Unlike zelly’s FoF you would always run the full distance unless canceled, but you’d grab that locked enemy on the way and at the end of the charge just violently bash it onto the ground, dealing heavy dmg and knocking it down. By heavy dmg, I mean enough to 1-shot ragers and almost 1-shot oggies on T5+. Or take a nice little chunk out of boss hp. You’d give up bleed but get the ability to really hurt something in particular, all while being oggy levels of dangerous and fun.

Veteran - Exec Stance
This ult just needs attention in general. It has mod bloat and separates elites from oggies (which are the same, and just annoys me on principle). Meanwhile it’s supposed to be the definitive ranged ult, except it cancels the moment you switch to melee which with the trash mobs spawning all over you every time you need it on T5+ just makes it borderline useless on pubs. VoC or even stealth are far better for ranged builds in practice, and also bring tons more utility and team support. Yet obviously they can’t buff the measly +25% dmg bonus either or it would be OP. So the whole thing is just badly thought out. At the very least it shouldn’t cancel when you melee. Honestly I think this thing needs Low Profile far more than stealth does, something to let you really focus on actually doing your job instead of being pestered by random trash nipping at your ankles every time.

If Low Profile wasn’t on stealth, that’s what I would suggest tbh: Pruning, and then adding Low Profile, incompatible with Relentless (killing glowie refreshes ult for 5s). This version of Low Profile would likewise give 90% threat reduction and make most anyone ignore you while exec stance was active, but it would also change Exec Stance’s duration to a fixed 10s. That way you’d have 2 primary ways to plan the ult: Either Relentless for focusing on extended fights against ranged / elites, at the cost of losing defense and dumping the whole ult if you had to melee, or Low Profile for a short stint of near-guaranteed ability to focus on firing exclusively and ignore everything else.

Zelly - Chorus > Ecclesiarch’s Call (+20% dmg for teammates in coherency for 10s after 5 pulses)
I’d love to see the whole ult function differently depending on mods. What if Holy Cause would do what it does now with all 3 talents you need to get there. So each pulse staggers, generates toughness, 5 pulses gives toughness dmg resist etc. But Ecclesiarch’s Call instead would change the ult to an offensive one. It would retain the stagger, but lose the toughness regen and ‘over toughness’ effect (the thing that makes you immune to snipers etc.) and instead add a massive burn to all enemies in range, and after 5 pulses make all enemies caught in the final blast take 20% dmg from all sources for 10s. The last bit might seem same as now, but there’s a difference between buffing allies and debuffing only the enemies caught in the blast.


Love the ideas, especially the Ogryn’s Indomitable one! Thank you for sharing!


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