More hordes, less ammo and ranged enemies

I really enjoy melee killing, but the game has clearly been designed as a main ranged shooter. Both for the power of the weapons and the ammunition as well as the amount of special enemies and ranged mobs. It would be much more addictive and satisfactory to add more hordes and remove the number of ranged enemies.

Vermintide already exists, I feel like it’s fine and good for Darktide to do some slightly different stuff.


Rather than changing the base game, lets make this a mode. More hordes or infinite poxwalkers was a great mode and forced players into melee for long stretches if not the whole game.


Just go play vermintide then. Leave ranged enemies alone they make this game better for quite a few people and a tiny bit more “its own thing” i like the higher focus on ranged if you want less ranged focus go play vermintide 1 or 2

There is a variation on Maelstrom missions where there are no ammo pickups and mostly melee enemies.

I love it. You will too.


I played that once so far…shame, I would love to play it more. Its really fun.

I actually replayed the mission twice when I saw it. :wink:

It’s exhilarating to throw yourself in the thick of it without having to worry about shooters. I don’t think I’ve ever used as much Holy Revenant; probably four or five times in the mission.



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