Moonfirebow and Spear and Shield Bugs


When emptying all charges by shooting arrows, you can still charge a heavy shot immediately after having no charge left. You cannot shoot though and are “locked” in a useless animation (you can release the button at any time). If you release the button, the animation goes away and you can’t charge an attack anymore until you have got enough charge to actually shoot it.

The bow should not be able to be charged when not having enough charge to be shot

Video: Moonfire Bow bug

Spear and Shield Bug :
When having a high enough input buffer (for me it is 0.5) and then having high attackspeed, the spear and shield special attack stabs twice on a single input. This is a hundred percent repeatable by drinking a speed potion in the lobby and pressing the weapons special once. It will stab twice. Once putting the input buffer to 0.4 or lower, the stab will work as intended (one input, one stab)

Video: Spear and Shield Bug

The video starts on an inbut buffer of 0.4 and the stab only comes once. When drinking the speed potion it still stabs once only.
Then I change the input buffer to 0.5 and while still under the effect of the speed potion, the special attack stabs twice on a single input.
This has also been replicated on different machines and accounts - with controller as well as mouse and keyboard.

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