Missing Weapons?

It looks like many weapons that were promised (70+), and some that were even previewed in the trailers are absent from the game… Why?

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Level up to unlock more weapons.

there is still two missing weapons (electric mass for the ogryn and two handed sword for psyker) but overwise yeah, weapon are slowly unlocked up to level 20

I’m at max level with Psyker, guys. I know weapons are unlocked as you level.

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then what are the many weapons you are missing?

They promised 70+ weapons. We are not at 70 weapons. Edited post to make it clearer.

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then indeed.
we are currently at 65 weapon (as said in the beta). based on the leaks and trailer we can expect at least a mass, a two handed sword, a melta gun and a sniper rifle. guess we will see how long it take for them to get ready…