Might be left field here, but I wish Surge was a single bolt of lightning instead of the channel we have now

The channeling made more sense when it was CC focused, but now that its more damage oriented I wish it became a single bolt of lightning. Just a quick fire and forget, something like this: https://youtu.be/gK8zPkbt56k?si=wdB6evsz4a-qOuXW&t=21

Maybe replacing the stun with a stagger.

I’ve thought something similar. I think it would be much more fun to use if it behaved more like Sienna’s bolt staff: charged precision attack, but instead of penetrating it would arc to nearby enemies. No auto aim on the initial bolt, but heavier impact damage. The number of enemies stunned/damaged by lighting arcs could increase with charge level. Or perhaps if the bolt is a headshot/kills the enemy the number of arcs increases.

I find the current bolt staff both very effective and very boring to use. No aiming required, just spam away and you’ll do solid damage and crowd control. Could be made more engaging.

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Anything that makes surge staff more skill based I’m all for, it’s pretty brain dead right now, so not good design imo.

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I would like a staff that was a lightning strike instead of a stream of lightning. Lightning bolts are sudden, extremely violent and do all sorts of interesting things to things it hits. Neither Surge nor Smite do any of that even with the gib effect. The only thing that comes close is strangely enough the Brain Burst/Rupture, but it just does a little bolt with a small pop which doesn’t even feel like you’re crushing someone’s head with the power of the mind.

You’re asking for a second Voidstrike staff with a lightning effect…

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No I’m not. Im asking for a single target that maybe arcs to 2 enemies for strong single target damage but was more visually appealing.

Void is a projectile that cleaves enemies in a straight line until it hits a wall or the cleave limit.

I think it would be better if it was something like this:

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Thats a pretty cool idea, just Zeus chucking Lightning bolts

Voidstrike staff is just the Fireball staff from VT2, i think the Idea he wants is more like the Bolt Staff like @KnotForSail said which i think would be pretty cool if it was aim based with a good single strike damage and some residual cc and damage.

My suggestion would be to have the Left Click be a lightning bolt like this. A sniper lightning bolt. In my head it’s modeled after the lightning leech gun from Prey (the first one). Plasma Gun level damage, perfect accuracy, extremely high range, instant hitscan weapon. No stun, no home in, no chain, no area effect, no piercing, only hits one target, and generates like 50 peril with one shot.

And as I’ve suggested in other posts, the Right Click should have a much longer max charge up, and charging it up should increase the number of targets it chains to, not the damage, and only the primary target should take high damage while all secondary targets take low damage.

It’s funny coz I can picture a copy pasta of vt2 beam staff but lightning. Shotgun shocks everything. Constant lightning zap of beam. Giant zap to pop said beam like how brain burst looks.

Depending on the damage/cleave a giant lightning bolt would just be like voidstrike. And if it CCs it would be like a better trauma staff.

A bolt staff weapon would be fun but with voidstrike’s giant bump in damage it feels like a successor to bolt staff for me. It wasn’t exactly a fireball staff coz it didn’t aoe as much as I’d like. So if you make a spammy giant lightning bolt with decent single target dmg and some suppression (not a hard CC) I’d consider it like a fireball staff instead.

If anything I’d like voidstrike to be the fireball staff and a new wannabe zeus lightning flinging staff be the bolt.

It feels like a hybrid between fireball and bolt to me but there’s at least as much of Bolt’s DNA in it as fireball. Shoots straight, pretty high single target damage with emphasis on weak point damage. Fireball and bolt are both high cleave so it gets that from both. Then the AoE component has its closet analogue to fireball sure.

That’s why I’m also a little wary of adding more staffs that just shoot linear projectiles of some flavour. Something more akin to coruscation or beam staff would be a welcome addition, those are both very mechanically distinct from anything else we have.

Regarding surge staff specifically I feel at a bit of a loss for what you’d do with it. As I said I’m not a huge fan of just making more effectively normal projectiles with differing degrees of cleave and single target damage. Giving more staffs unique primary fires would be a great start. Though I think Surge in particular appreciates the current default primary fire since it gives a decent longer range option and benefits from the staff’s default higher crit chance.


I’d like my surge staff to go back to chaining and stunning lots of enemies. You can have your single target lightning bolt on the grenade slot instead tyvm!

I was happy using surge til smite basically took its role. :pensive:

There is already Voidstrike staff for that. :joy:

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