Microsoft Edge installation on start up

just had that tiny update and suddenly this suspicious installation starts.
This is shady, have you guys been hacked?

Hi @Eder

It’s not installing Edge, but an edge runtime component. It’s not spyware but a tiny component that helps the launcher render/function appropriately. Without it, you’ll see a simplified version of the launcher without the content.

You find more info here:


I got suspicious because i already HAVE edge installed.
Be careful out there

any way to get it to stop asking me to download it? cuz i dont really care about the fancy launcher as i only spend one second on it to start game. i would prefer simple launcher.

There is a way to package it with the app, you could include the SDK directly into a game update instead of relying on players having it installed and up-to-date on their computer :slight_smile:

This is not ideal for players who already have the SDK installed locally though, which might well be the majority… I have not been asked to install anything, for instance.

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