Meth Hound - The most yanky special of them all

I’m so happy that they are no longer as tanky as the mutant charger BUT the insta 90 degree spins need to go. These dogs need to slow down drastically as they turn around but there is no animation holding them back so they just turn around during a single frame and keep running at full speed like it’s nothing.



+mutant charger

They are both really unreliable in their behaviour and whether or not they can be dodged, who they are targetting, with pox hounds doing gravity-defying parkour and the charger doing 90 degree turns for a nasty surprise.

Did it do a wall jump onto the Ogryn? That’s one hardcore doggo right there!

It honestly feels like the game predetermines whether a Mutant or Pox hound will or won’t get you.

Some of them I can side-step even if my timing is horribly off. Meanwhile, some Mutants will literally do a single-frame 120-degree turn to catch me around an obstacle or door frame. Hounds will literally phase through and ignore your whole team, and pounce onto you at Mach speeds.

Mutant is by far the more satisfying of the two to dodge, too. Dodging a Hound might be slightly easier, but there’s hardly any reward for it. They don’t stop or recalibrate themselves / who they’re targeting. They just keep going, and often will pounce again in less time than it takes a Mutant to turn themselves around—which is already quick.

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Both the assassin from V2 → hound and the bestigore from V2 → charger suffered from the same problems - talk about the game not being just a reskin.
While they were able to limit the charger problems, they were never able (or didn’t bother) to fix the assassin.

This? This is rooky yank. I once saw a hound do three laps around one Ogryn just to jump off into the distance to reaper behind it and clip into a wall and then dies to a random melee slash.

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