Metal Pin Hovers Behind/Above RV (dwarf) Blocking Crossbow Sights

I am really not too sure how you can re-create the issue as it seems to appear in random [yet quite consistent (in every game) intervals] its exactly what I mention in the title. The metal pin will appear sometimes about 40% of the game and it has never appeared while I am in the keep so far. Only happens with the crossbow. The pin does not appear or obstruct the melee combat at all in any way as you cannot see it when in melee, it is only visible via inspect (as appears on the right of the dorf in the 1st pic) and when crossbow is out obstructing the sight. Tried changing full cosmetic loadout and weapon illusion but did nothing.

Pin seems to be the one used for grenades…

What mods do you have installed? Maybe one of them messed around with the item visibility (like Third Person Equipment)?
If no, maybe it was caused by something going wrong with the grenade animations.

The only mods I have installed are: Countries in Lobby Browser, Neuter Ult Effects, Bestiary, Numeric UI, Mission Timer, Skip Intro, Chat Block (2). And finally, the only mod that I installed recently is the Bot Improvements- Combat. I’ve got no mods that could affect item visibility (like Third Person Equipment e.t.c.). I will disable all mods, try a run and post an update here.

Okay so I tried disabling all the mods and the problem still occurred. Then I realised (after your input that the pin is from the bombs) that the only recent gameplay change was that I was playing with the “Ranger’s Parting Gift” talent which is what caused the problem, when changed to “Exhilarating Vapours” the problem ceased. Fatshark please let us know when the bug is fixed so we can resume playing the “Ranger’s Parting Gift” talent without any issues.

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