Bardin Crossbow visual bug w/ steps to reproduce

Issue Description:
Visual bug on Ranger Veteran’s Crossbow sight after drinking ale after using Ranger’s Parting Gift bomb.

This is a repeat of a previous topic, but with the steps to reproduce: Bardin's crossbow sight bug,

Steps to Reproduce:
Need to have the talents Ranger’s Parting Gift and Drunken Brawler selected.

  1. Use Ult
  2. Throw bomb
  3. Drink Ale
  4. Aim down sights with crossbow

You can temporarily solve the issue by lighting and then cancelling another bomb throw, but the visual bug will come back after drinking another ale. One way to get rid of this affect is by using a bomb that is not affected by Ranger’s Parting Gift (i.e. using up the bomb). Then drinking ale’s will no longer cause the visual bug.


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Youtube video showing steps to reproduce bug:

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