Metal Collar in Trailer ( Lucifer Black?)

So one of the Character has a Metal Coller. If i remember right from reading HH,shes a Lucifer Black?!
I dont know if they still exist in 40k, but one of the first couple Books was about John Grammaticus and how he Infiltrated IMPs. There you read about LB and how Badass they are.

Can somoene confirm?!

Do you mean that thing ?

For the wider things, they were totally destroyed during the War of the Beast but they got remade not so long ago

The Lucifer Black were always a Regiment of the IG

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Yeah that dude. What you mean Destroyed? Was this a special Regiment that wore this Collars. As i remember Lucifer Black wore Collars aswell. But i can be wrong

Yes Lucifer Black are IMPs, but hey are the very Elite Bodyguards for very High ranking Officers, and most Important ones at that described in 30k.

But if like you Guys said, only a Officers Gorget, thats a possibility of course. Im still reading HH and do not own 40k Books for the most part. WHat i know is from Magazines and reading watching stuff in the Internet and Games. Im more of a HH Nerd. Because i felt like, if i start reading the Books a couple years ago, i wanna start with the beginning! Most is still the same even in 40k, but most is “LOST due to Heresy” if you know what i mean ;-))
And yes Arthadaw, Lucifers are Imps, ive never said differently.

Would have been cool to have a Elite Class. But whats the POint if you have a Character that is a Good at Range and Melee. you only need one then right . hahaha

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