Melk's Weekly's idea and requests

I’m here to give some feedback on my experience on some of Melk’s weeklies that I think should be changed and/or added and also ask other players to add ideas to weekly’s so we can get more options instead of the limited repeats of weeklies.

-Kill SCABs with Melee
-Kill SCABs with Range
-Kill DREGs with Melee
-Kill DREGs with Range
-Kill Enemies with Melee
-Kill Enemies with Range
-Kill SCABs

Why? Because having to change weapons for certain enemies is annoying and some people just want to relax ALSO some people are still confused with who is who for Dregs and Scabs. I mean, For Emperors sake Herics are Herics and just need to be purged.

What could be added?

-Kill enemies with Enviromental objects.
“Example: Flame and Explosive Barrels and Dropped from ledges.”
-Kill enemy Elites.
“Do Not Add Enemy Specials to the list Because map Mods make that a little too easy with Sniper, Hound, and Shock Gauntlet.”
-Kill enemy Ogryn
-Kill enemies with Headshots

What are your thoughts and what would you Rejects add or change?