Melee Weapon blessing: Lacerate?

Has anyone seen weapons with this blessing in the store since launch?

Been looking for one for my preacher, but haven’t seen it once in something like 15-20 hrs of gameplay.

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I got one today funnily enough. Decent enough knife (worse than my current one though) with lacerate. Sadly it’s the crap version of lacerate. +1 stacks, was hoping for +3/4. :frowning:

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I think it’s dagger only? For Zealot number of stacks doesn’t really matter, it’s mostly there to get super high uptime on the crit chance and damage reduction feats, which it does very well.

They stealth fixed the infinite stacking lacerate bug a while ago but you can still Merc bulwarks with it spamming their shield and it still has some interesting interactions with other blessings. I have one which also has rend on headshot and bizarrely the rend bonus just makes you do more damage to everything, even unarmoured enemies, and applies to the bleed, so you can increase the max tick damage by spamming weakpoint hits on tankier enemies.

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I have just went into the game, looked at the store and seen another +1 lacerate.

God I hate RNG.

I honestly wish they were a bit more liberal with the weapon traits. Some of them would be really fun to try on alternative weapons. If it breaks the difficulty then FS should just create new difficulties to combat it. Just let us have fun!

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I have only seen 1 infernus weapon over 4 characters in 150 hours. I hate this RNG too.