Melee feels weightless

Except some weapons like axes or eviscerator, melee overall feels bad. Not sure is it sound, animations or something else but melee is less satisfying than in V2. Catachan, dueling and heavy swords probably worst, and it’s not about cleave, they just feels… like you are hitting enemies with broom. Something is just missing when blade contact mobs.

I don’t think I ever used Catachan swords, but in the case of heavy swords and duelists swords is the speed of attack, cleave and lack of feeling of impact. Mind on Heavy Swords with right talents and blessings you defo throw lighter enemies around. I wish especially duelists swords were less spammy on light attacks, they can be fun, but their attack speed isn’t good for your hands or your mouse.

Dueling swords feels weird when you hit mobs, like enemy is covered in oil or soap and blade just slide without cutting, i don’t know how to describe it, maybe hit sound not “wet&meaty” enough. But rapier in V2 is kinda close to dueling swords and it feels much better.

DS still feels better than light attacks on Heavy Sword. To be fair I missed one other reason why they feel “weightless”, the low damage. Heavy Sword feels far better when you stack dmg buffs and you just cleave a horde.

Nah, it still feels like you are tickling horde with broom. Yet again exe sword, 2h sword or glaive feels much better in V2 when you clean hordes. Dealing damage sure it’s a part of how weapon feels, but It’s just something else, in the essence of melee, it feels worse then in previous game.

I dont know about that, the V2’s 1h sword on merc felt like a wet noodle also.

It’s more like mowing the lawn. Heavy swords are extremely blessing dependant. They are lackluster without headtaker+rampage, but are fantastic with both on.