V1&V2 melee system has ruined yet another game for me

I was recently exposed to the news that there was a working multiplayer mod for a certain popular RPG set in the world of Dragonborns and OP sneak builds, so I decided to load up the game again to see if it was worth forcing some friends to play through it again with me.

For my previous playthrough, I went for a sneaky build that either shot or stabbed anything and everything in sight range. In the interest of trying something new, I decided to go for a melee focused character and realised just how good V1&V2 is with regards to how melee feels.

I am really struggling to play a melee focused game these days, purely because the system implemented in V2 is so satisfying and somehow invokes the feeling of weight.

Has anyone found a game that provides similar levels of enjoyment when forced to use melee?


Nope. No other game in player v ai coop can match that V1/V2 satisfaction in focused melee.

After 1200+ hrs in, i dont play for gear or loot or cosmetics. I play the game for the niche it fits


well similar form of enjoyment,
witcher 3 felt good in terms of how gerald uses his swords
kingdom come also felt nice

but if you mean a game that is similar to what v2 does, nope havent found one (nor have i looked for one)
at its core vermintide does what it does very well

all the es ones are particularly bad

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I’m only sitting on 300hrs at the moment, like a damn amateur, but I am at a similar stage where I haven’t opened a chest in months but keep coming back for my daily fix of melon popping (Bardin 2H hammer main).

I’ve been taking a break from VT due to frustrations over content. I’m playing Mount and Blade Warband, and good lord I have to say it makes me see the melee in VT in an entirely new light.


Overkill the walking dead has brutal melee combat but it’s buggy. Also spacehulk but it’s buggy too. Vermintide is better then both tho

I tried it. Its a buggy mess. Didnt find the game really enjoyable. I refunded it

The closest one for me is Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Mind you it’s not so much player vs AI type of game. It’s more focused on PvP aspect but it’s so much fun especially when you play 30+ map FFA. I had a good laugh playing the game.

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Killing floor 2🤔

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