Mauler look

I have never liked the look of the Mauler ever since they changed it in the Beta back in 2018, if my memory serves me right it was because they where hard to spot in a group of Raiders.
I think that it looks like they are out of place the old look felt more like Chaos.
I would like to see the old model come back but put more stuff on it so it stands out.
I have created, with my incredible paint skills, how they could look to standout more.


100% agree the old one was better. I personally never had a problem identifying them, since they still had a different stance and posture.

I wouldn’t mind some rng for elites/specials, honestly. If I remember correctly the Stormvermin were like this for a brief time during VT1 - I’m not sure why they removed that feature. It gets a little dreary seeing the same mauler and the same packmaster each time.


Well, it’s tricky.
FatShark was definetly right to make them stand out more, because they are an important enemy. Confusing them with a Marauder could be a death-sentence during a horde.
Their red pants surely make them stand out…
Maybe just the black mask would be enough?

The black mask is the worst part with them in my opinion.
They could add a standard on there back, with the Nurgle symbol on.
Could be made out of metal and wood or one with fabric.

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What, these guys?

They’re super easy to spot, with their big axe and black helmet.

They did look like that in the beta before the game was released(2018), they looked like the one to the left.

The one you linked are the one in use now and it looks out of place compare to the other chaos units, in my opinion.

I agree they stand out.
It is important that they stay out, I think. They are perhaps just not “nurgly” enough.

Yeah that is the problem. They are extremely plain, like water and crispbread. Add some butter & cheese and you have a nice snack. Switch the water for milk and you have a feast.

Ah yeah, I remember that confusion I had when the game went live from beta.