Matchmaking Overconfidence

Randoms in this game are more often than not bad at it. They tend to charge at everything they see and ignore stranded/downed teammates or even objectives. I’ve played similar games where this is much less of a problem, so I think the cause is either the tutorial underemphasizing teamwork or the community imitating the way they played very different games. I also see very low-level players on higher difficulties that were clearly intended to be mid-to-end-game.

My greatest gripe with the game is that lower difficulties make it very worth it to rush and collect kills as fast as you can, it’s rewarding in terms of xp/minute too, but turning the difficulty up a single notch requires a complete shift in pacing and strategy. I feel like lower difficulties incentivize players to rush, and it builds it as a routine as well, and there’s no re-training or progression in easing them into teamplay.
I strongly disagree on low level being a problem on high difficulty though. Talents are essentially useless, and I hate having to level my second character on unchallenging difficulties, it just feels like my time is wasted. Also, as per my previous point, a new player starting to get used to higher difficulties sooner will start developing better habits sooner.

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It is a problem, though it really shouldn’t be.
The increase in damage you get from leveling up and equipping higher power gear is WILD.
And it’s making balancing the difficulty modes unnecessarily difficult and the grind frustrating.