Martyrdom Stacks are still not fixed.... seriously Fatshark... a basic mechanic for 1 of 4 (FOUR) classes is still bugged weeks after beta?

UI still says “+5 damage” instead of “+5%” and you still get 1 stack at 100% HP and 3 when you miss 100 HP which gives 1 stack per 50 HP missing instead of 15.

FIX IT ALREADY. It’s release and one OF BASIC FEATURES, a passive, of ONE class is still not working properly.

But you had time to make nice toxic MTX Store.

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It’s really pathetic that Fatshark has addressed almost nothing at all that we were all complaining about in the beta. It’s not just this, there’s so many things wrong which 90% of the community is in agreement is wrong. This game shouldn’t have been released yet.